Qualified Nurses/Carers

Job Description: Roles & Responsibilities

Primary role is to support the family in looking after the welfare and safety of sick, disabled, special needs and the elderly (no general housekeeping but may involve some duties for children/elderly):
• Healthy cooking
• Cleaning
• Bed bathing
• Administering medicines /dressings
• Assisting in physiotherapy in the home

Caretakers Duty,

• Codes of practice, standards, frameworks and guidance relevant to caretaking
• Her own roles, responsibilities and accountabilities with their limits and boundaries
• The roles, responsibilities and accountabilities of others with whom Caretaker works
• The importance of the interests and well-being of the charge
• The Charges cultural and language context
• How to build trust and understanding in a relationship
• How to work in ways that promote active participation and maintain people’s dignity, respect, personal beliefs and preferences
• How to work in partnership with the family, and the Charge
• How to manage ethical conflicts and dilemmas in her workplace
• How and when to seek support in situations beyond Caretakers experience
• Alternative ways of performing caring tasks and their respective merits and demerits
• Available caring facilities, products and equipment and their appropriateness to different caring needs
• Different types of caring needs of infants and children
• Nutritional needs of infants and children of different ages
• Nutritional value of different foods and components of a balanced diet
• Safe handling procedure and requirements regarding preparing food and feeding
• Safety requirements regarding working with infants and children
• The nature and impact of factors that may affect the health, wellbeing and development of children and young people whom the Nanny cares for or supports
• Factors that promote positive health and wellbeing of children and young people

Health and safety,

• Health and safety requirements in the work setting
• First aid procedures
• Fire safety procedures
• Risks associated with health and safety hazards
• Practices for the prevention and control of infection/diseases
• The responsibility that everyone has to raise concerns about possible harm or abuse, poor or discriminatory practices
• Indicators of potential or actual harm or abuse
• How and when to report any concerns about abuse, poor or discriminatory practice, resources or operational difficulties
• What to do if you have reported concerns but no action is taken to address them

14 Candidates Available for Interview

Age: 38
Nationality: Ethiopia


Age: 35
Nationality: Ethiopia


Age: 31
Nationality: Ethiopia


Age: 28
Nationality: Ethiopia


Age: 35
Nationality: Ethiopia


Age: 38
Nationality: Ethiopia


Age: 34
Nationality: Ethiopia


Age: 38
Nationality: Ethiopia


Age: 38
Nationality: Ethiopia

Job Specification: (Qualifications, Experience & References)

1. Degree Educated (Physiotherapist, Childcare Management, Professional Nanny, Elderly Care, Nursing)
2. Proficient in English or Arabic OR
3. Min 3 years’ + experience. (outside source country) checks.
4. Experience in either
   • Night Carer
   • Special needs
   • Caring for aged
5. Proficient Swimmer Paediatric First Aid Certificate Physiotherapy

Knowledge & Understanding

A Qualified Carer needs to know and understand the following:
• Legal and work setting requirements as clearly defined by the employer
• Her role in supporting caretaking
• Her obligation to report any acts or oversight that could compromise the rights of her charge
• Codes of practice, standards, frameworks and guidance relevant to caretaking
• The role of the parents/guardians in supporting the caretakers charge wellbeing and developmental progress
• The expectation of the employer
• Housekeeping Co. is responsible for caretakers employment All HR related issues, employee welfare and Payroll Employer contact details


• Effective communication skills with children of different ages
• Language abilities of children of different ages
• Factors that impact communication and language abilities with children/elderly at all ages